silver engagement rings

Finding wholesale sterling silver engagement rings to wear every day can be quite a task to do so. Although, we are specifically talking about engagement rings that means a very special selection, yet something to wear every day. Now, you must be wondering who buys an engagement ring for themselves. Yes! You actually can do that. To all the ladies that are single and want to buy engagement rings to wear every day, this one’s for you.

Even if you’re not and you and your partner are looking for one, you’re also at the right place. All in all, this topic is for everyone and anyone in search of wholesale sterling silver engagement rings. So, without further ado, let’s jump right onto these lovely engagement rings to buy.

  • Emerald cut stones on wholesale sterling silver engagement rings:


The first one on our list is emerald cut stone rings. These are some of the most beautiful rings ever to exist on this planet. Call it a statement, but it’s true because of its delicate, simple, and elegant appearance. These are going to be everything next year. From local jewelry stores to high-end designer brands. So, it’s totally up to you whether you want a good investment or just a regular one for daily wear. Make sure to give it a try to wear this, so that you get the right ring size for yourself.


  • Crown rings with diamonds:


Crown rings are also expected to be hitting the top trends for wholesale sterling silver engagement rings in 2021. These are heavily embellished with diamonds and you can find them in various crown shapes at different jewelry stores. Besides, who doesn’t want to feel like a queen? Now, you can’t roam around every day wearing a crown on your head to act like a queen all day.

That’s why this is the best option for daily wear. A crown ring with diamonds seems perfect enough to make you feel like the queen you are! Might as well convince your partner to buy this one to proudly say it aloud that you’re their one and only queen.


silver engagement rings

  • Triple diamond stone engagement rings:


A triple diamond ring is no rookie in town. These are a part of the engagement rings trends for a long time. They have also made it to the 2021 engagement ring trends as well. So, you might want to take a look at this option too. These lovely wholesale rings are perfect for you to wear at your engagement party. There is a whole variety of these rings available in designs that are out of this world. From a single ring to a double attached ring with the illusion of a floating diamond, you’ll find classy designs to choose from.


  • Pastel-colored gemstones rings:


Gemstones and that too in pastel colors are worth a try. Pastel colors are so subtle and elegant-looking that one can resist buying. Gemstones with bright colors are one thing, but pastel gemstones are another whole category to choose from. Also, if you’re planning to get engaged in the spring of 2021, this is the best time to wear pastel colors. You can go for tiny or chunky gemstone engagement rings as both are going to be trending for a while.


  • Square-shaped diamond on top:


Square-shaped wholesale sterling silver rings are perfect for a fine investment in diamonds embedded in engagement rings. There are so many options to choose from that you will find yourself confused about which one to buy. But, that won’t be an issue as we are here to professionally advise you on this option. So, to fetch some lovely compliments on your engagement ring, go for Asscher-cut square diamond rings in a medium-size. If you don’t like this option, then go for tapered baguettes. These look simple, stylish, and would do great for daily wear.


silver engagement rings

  • Chunky statement engagement rings:


The next option on our list is chunky statement engagement rings. These can be a little too bold, but the bolder, the better, right? Chunky rings are fun to wear at events and occasions. Hence, if you’re a social bird who attends a lot of events, then you may buy this ring. Trust us when we say that these are wild-looking and can catch attention from a distance. 925 rings wholesale To get the best of the top trends in engagement rings, go for chunky rings that come with tiny diamonds engraved on top.


  • Gemstone surrounded by diamonds:


This idea reminds us of the iconic ring that Princess Diana and now Princess Kate Middleton wears. If you’re a huge fan of the British royal family, then you might love this option. You can go for a bright gemstone color, like a blue sapphire, red ruby, or green Jade surrounded by small diamonds. If you don’t want much attention to your engagement ring, then you can go for a transparent gemstone as well. You can easily find this option available in wholesale sterling silver engagement rings.


  • Vintage diamond rings:


The last option for today is vintage diamond rings. These are always one of the options to buy as engagement rings for numerous reasons. The most popular one being that these are antique pieces that can always be kept as a family heirloom. So, if you’re one of those families that have this tradition, then go for this beautiful option with a beautiful concept.


Final Verdict:

We hope that you enjoyed and got some amazing ideas to buy wholesale sterling silver engagement rings. From emerald cut diamonds to vintage diamond engagement rings, there’s plenty of varieties to choose from. If you still feel that you’re not sure which one to buy, then you may consult a friend to help you out. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your ring hunt and make the upcoming year full of happiness, style, and love with these rings.