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As it has already been established that jewelry is the most important accessory that a man or woman could wear to complete their look and highlight their body features and enhance their beauty. Jewelry nowadays is manufactures using different machinery that can produce thousands of pieces in just minutes; however, they lack uniqueness in them […]


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Finding wholesale sterling silver engagement rings to wear every day can be quite a task to do so. Although, we are specifically talking about engagement rings that means a very special selection, yet something to wear every day. Now, you must be wondering who buys an engagement ring for themselves. Yes! You actually can do […]

How to choose your jewelry manufacturer perfect jewelry

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Hello beach girls! This is the second part of the long-awaited series of ‘How to select your ideal swimsuit or bikini,’ which is supported by prestige silver jewelry manufacturer, Hong Factory. In this series, we explore the best way to choose your swimsuit so that you can prepare better for the beach season. In the […]

Choosing the ideal wedding wholesale silver jewelry rings as a symbol of your eternal love and married life

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This is the final article in the ‘Choosing the ideal wedding rings as a symbol of your eternal love and married life’ series. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it. Here are the rest of the wedding ring’s choosing tips!   DIFFERENT OR IDENTICAL?: choice of the wholesale silver […]

Silver jewelryDress in style: be the prettiest lady in your office

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The perfect dress style manual for a working girl by a caring silver jewelry manufacturer   In this ‘Dressing in style: be the prettiest lady in your office’ series, we explore the best garments you can wear to workplace. Welcome the second part of this awesome series brought to you by an awesome silver jewelry […]

10 Best Cocktail Ring from Favorite’s Jewelry Brand

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The cocktail ring has made a major comeback, venturing away from sweet minimal solitaires and towards gigantic and bold pieces.  This summer has been a glorious one for everybody who hoards accessories.  The message this season is that too much is never enough.  It’s all about high-impact pieces.  We’re loving statement pieces from high jewelry […]

3 Gemstones Marcasite Engagement Rings to Buy for Your Wedding

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There is nothing no other beautiful feeling than kneeling down on one knee and proposing to the love of your life. If you are planning on doing this, then sit down, take a deep breath as we’re here to help you find the right types of marcasite engagement rings for your special one to wear […]

How to prevent the Wholesale 925 silver ring from tarnishing

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Wholesale 925 silver ring As we all know a wholesale 925 silver ring will tarnish over time, no matter how beautiful the ring is, it will unfortunately still tarnish, but what if we have ways to save it from that awful fate or at the very least, prolong it. So, sit tight and enjoy. We […]