925 silver earrings

As the name represents, 925 sterling earring consists of 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of other metals. This other metal is usually copper. The other silver alloy includes silicon, platinum, zinc, germanium, and rarely nickel. The only problem with copper is that it oxidizes quickly and hence your jewelry piece gets tarnish quickly. The 925 silver is the purest form of silver that is used to make jewelry pieces. The 925 silver hallmark is a sign of the purity of the silver. This type of silver is nickel-free. 

Most people mix 925 sterling silver with stainless steel, but they differ from each other. Stainless steel looks shinier and more durable as it does not get tarnished easily. On the other hand, sterling silver gets tarnish easily, but it does not cause allergic reactions. That’s why it is preferred over stainless steel.

925 silver earrings


Is 925 silver earrings hypoallergenic?

Yes, 925 silver earrings are hypoallergenic. Sterling silver does not contain any allergy-causing element, which makes it a hypoallergenic metal. All the jewelry made from 925 sterling silver is hypoallergenic, including the earrings. 

Ear piercing can be sensitive when new; that’s why it needs proper care. For proper care, you need to wear hypoallergenic earrings. 925 silver earrings are a perfect option when looking for earrings for sensitive ears. Usually, the small amount of nickel present in silver jewelry causes allergies to those who are allergic to nickel. If you are also allergic to nickel, make sure that your 925 silver earrings do not contain any nickel element in them. You can also look for the 925 silver earrings marked with “nickel-free” to avoid any inconvenience. Moreover, most people do not have any allergies to sterling silver; therefore, it is considered one of the safest metals to wear.


925 silver earrings

Why do we prefer 925 silver earrings?

The reasons why we prefer 925 silver earrings over any other metals are explained below:


Although sterling silver is mixed with other metals, they have a very lustrous shine, just like pure silver. The earrings made from 925 rings wholesale looks gorgeous because of their shine and attractive look. If you are worried that the pure silver shine may fade away by adding other metals to it, then put your worries aside. Silver does not lose its shine when copper or other metals are added to it as an impurity. Therefore, it is perfect and genius to get 925 silver earrings rather than any other earrings.



Pure silver is a soft and malleable metal. That’s why pure silver is not used to make jewelry. Other metals are added to make it sterling silver. 925 silver is best for making jewelry as it retains its shape and design for a very long time. This is the reason why 925 silver earrings are best for everyday wear.


Although 925 silver earrings are considered a little expensive jewelry, the material and durability are worth all the price. This price is for the amazing product sterling silver has offered you.


Sterling silver is prone to tarnishing. That’s why it demands proper care. But you don’t have to worry because maintaining and cleaning the 925 silver earrings is very easy. Some easy methods include rubbing it with a wet cloth, washing it with soap, using a toothbrush to remove the tarnish, etc.


Health benefits of wearing 925 silver earrings:

Over the years, silver has been considered one of the best metals because of its benefits. It offers various health benefits; therefore it is best to get 925 silver earrings. Some of the benefits are stated under:

Antimicrobial agent:

Silver has a track record of being an antimicrobial agent, which means that it powerfully fights infections. It also aids in the prevention of flu and cold. As an antimicrobial agent, it heals the wound more quickly than usual.

Heat regulation and circulation: 

Many people have reported that after wearing silver, they have witnessed balance in moods and improvements in energy levels. Silver improves internal heat regulation and blood circulation inside the body, which results in balance body temperature and electrical disturbances. Moreover, silver also improves cleanliness, which eventually improves immunity.

Sterilization and antibiotic:

Silver has the properties of antibiotics, and it helps in quick healing. Silver is also used for sterilization. Wearing silver can also keep our vessels elastic, and this elasticity is very important for the repair of skin.

Avoid toxic substances:

Wearing silver can also help you to avoid toxic substances. Silver turns its color when it comes in contact with toxic substances. For instance, if the silver gets blue, then it is indicating high levels of sodium in your body. In this way, you can keep a record and make a proper diet for yourself.

Relieves anxiety:

If you feel a heavy heart and tightening muscles due to anxiety, you don’t have to worry because silver jewelry is again to the rescue. In times of anxiety, you can spin and play with your 925 silver earrings, which might be a great anxiety solution.


Considering all the above-mentioned health benefits, we can surely say that wearing a 925 wholesale silver earring is beneficial for you and your health. If you are getting skeptical while buying any 925 silver earrings, then you must not hesitate now. Moreover, the hypoallergenic property of 925 silver makes it a great option for everyday wear.

Not only 925 silver earrings, but you can also enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits by wearing other kinds of 925 silver jewelry like rings, necklaces, and bracelets. All the 925 sterling silver jewelry is easily available on the internet. You can go and have a look at them as well. But be aware of fake sellers as the market is full of them. Make sure to check the 925 silver hallmark before buying any type of sterling silver jewelry. For authentic and genuine 925 sterling silver jewelry, you can have a look on Amazon.